Local author pens book about restoring electricity to African hospital

Published: Apr. 25, 2019 at 5:42 PM CDT
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A local author has published a non-fiction book detailing his and others' mission to restore electricity to a hospital in Liberia that had been ravaged by 14 years of war.

"I was asked to go down there, actually, and help," said Stephen H. Vincent, the author. "It was a team of us who went from Texas, and it was some of these people's first time outside of the state."

Vincent says he and his team faced challenge after challenge, and yet, a shockingly timely success.

"We restored electricity to this 55-building hospital in three weeks," said Vincent. He calls the experience incredible, inspired by the people they met and the conditions they had endured.

It was friends and acquaintances who finally convinced Vincent to write the story down. Now, his book is available for purchase on the official website and on Amazon. Both links are included below.

See the full conversation with Vincent in the video player above.