Local bible study celebrates 100 years

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- The First Baptist Church of Bryan celebrated 100 years of their Business Men’s Bible Class Sunday.

They have held thousands of meetings and took the time on Sunday to look back on the classes past century.

The Business Men’s Bible Class at the First Baptist Church of Bryan started in February of 1919, just after World War I.

The men who started the bible study, say they were encouraged by their wives to seek fellowship and peace after the war.

George Nelson, the Director of the class says he is proud that they have been teaching the word of god for 100 years.

“There are no classes in existence in this general area that have been sharing the message of Jesus Christ in a church environment for 100 years,” said Nelson, “Doing this for 100 years, is really remarkable.”

The bible study class meets faithfully every Sunday after church, and organizers say they hope to continue sharing the word for the next 100 years.