Local business owner helps displaced employees find jobs

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The Coronavirus pandemic has slowed and even shut down several businesses leaving some employees looking for work. Local business owner Barry Ivins temporarily shut down one his bars, Carneys, a week ago. With several employees out of work, he started reaching out to help them land on their feet.

"We actually had Slovacek Sausage who ended up coming in and hiring ten of our people with full time jobs at least for the next three weeks," said Ivins. "They've been completely slammed with everybody buying all their product out of HEB and all these places," Ivins added.

Express Employment Professionals in Bryan has seen an influx of people searching for jobs. Brandi Trujillo says even with closed doors right now, they're still equipped to help.

"We're doing more phone calls, connecting people applying for our positions online at Expresspros.com. We're trying to place them the best that we can with the positions we have open," explained Trujillo.

The Director of Business Development for Express Employment Professionals, Chris Robinson, added: "Obviously a lot of packaging companies, bottling companies. They need extra people right now, so we're trying to get those people back out there. Even cleanup crews, sanitation crews for hospitals, whatever we can do to get people to work."

Ivins says he's taking everything day-by-day, but he's just grateful to be here in Aggieland.

"I don't think I could be in a better community to try and get through this. Everyone's been very understanding. Let's all work together. Let's see the other side of it. Just seeing the support that came out from all the local businesses has been absolutely fantastic," Ivins remarked.

Barry Ivins says he'll still be able to keep some employees on pay-roll for the next few months.