Local church brings community together after tornado

FRANKLIN, Tex. (KBTX)- Not even a power outage could stop the First Baptist Church in Franklin from coming together Sunday.

The service was held less than 24 hours after a devastating EF-3 tornado hit the area destroying over 55 homes.

Pastor Ted Elmore says it is important that the community come together to focus on their strength, to guide them through these hard times.

“We'll be light to a community that has been hit by terrible darkness. When you put yourself in the place of losing everything; there is numbness to that. There are a lot of questions about what now,” says Pastor Elmore.

Rebuilding the city has already begun. Neighbors and first responders are clearing the damaged areas of downed trees and destroyed homes.
Franklin resident Leia Olmstead says the community is focused on getting back on their feet together.

“You can see it today in everybody. It's very beautiful to see other people from other churches with their tears crying, it’s uniting us with compassion,” says Olmstead.

It’s that compassion that some residents say, will make Franklin stronger.

"Sometimes you go farther by putting your arm around somebody and giving them a hug than you trying to answer questions that we don't have answers to,” Pastor Elmore says.