Local companies concerned over President Trump's tariffs

BRAZOS COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX) - Steel fabrication companies in Brazos County say they're concerned about President Trump's tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

Richard Jefferson is president of LMB Steel Structures Inc. The company helps in the building and design of steel structures. They've worked with Texas A&M, schools, and shopping centers in the area and around the state. Jefferson says since November, they've already seen three price increases from vendors where he gets his steel.

"All with the predication that the tariff was going to pass, so they already go the jump on it," said Jefferson.

Jefferson says President Trump's 25% tariff on steel imported into the United State and 10% tariff on imported aluminum makes him highly concerned for his company.

"We already seen projects that have been put on hold," said Jefferson.

Jefferson says his company saw a similar situation in 2010 and it could mean layoffs.

"It caused us to cut down our personnel. Our business really went to nothing, and we just basically closed everything down and went to a skeleton force. That's what we're preparing to do now. Hopefully it won't happen," said Jefferson.

President Trump has said he implemented the tariffs to protect the American economy.

"The American steel-aluminum industry has been ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices t's really an assault on our country," said the President.