Local couple makes it a mission to help others

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A local couple decided to devote their lives to giving back to help the homeless, and those in need.

They started Grind 4 God Ministries in hopes of touching as many lives as possible in the Brazos Valley.

"I had been trying to end my life since I was 9-years-old. I'm fixing to be 37, and I've never been as happy as I am now,” said Elizabeth Estrada.

Estrada was addicted to meth. She spent years of her life locked in jail and prison cells. One day, her life took a turn in a different direction.

"I just fell to my knees in the back of the tank and asked God, 'If you're real, save me and change me, and do something. Because I’m tired of this life, and I can't take it anymore,” said Estrada.

Now, four years later, she finds happiness and purpose in her faith, and in volunteering for Grind 4 God.

"I’d say maybe three o' clock in the morning, God woke me up. I got a pen and a piece of paper. I started writing these things down. I had the scripture, Mark 1:17 'Go be fishers of men,' and we were ready to start doing things in this community,” said Terrance Mitchell, co-founder of Grind 4 God Ministries.

The pair started out making care kits and keeping them inside their cars for when they saw someone in need. Almost two years later, Grind 4 God now has its own office in downtown Bryan, equipped with volunteers, like Elizabeth.

"Our goal is to be able to make a difference by giving. Not just meeting their physical needs, but also their spiritual needs,” said LaShunda Mitchell, co-founder of Grind 4 God.

"When you look around and feel like nobody cares or there's nobody there, that can help. It's real easy to give up. So, I think really, what they're lacking is somebody to show that love,” said Terrance Mitchell.

Estrada says she still writes to inmates to encourage them to keep their faith.

"This is why I do this. Not to forget where I came from, and also what God can do. Because that's my heart's desire, to give hope,” said Estrada.

Grind 4 God Ministries is partnering with Visiting Angels for their Winter Hygiene Drive. The organizations say they are in need of deodorant, bar soap and toothpaste. Items can be dropped off at one of the three locations below:

Grind 4 God Ministries
307 S. Main St #108
Bryan, TX

Peace At Hand Massage
3800 State Hwy 6 South #106
College Station

Visiting Angels
707 S. Texas Ave #204 A
College Station