Local cyclists calling for punishment in death investigation

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - The death of a local cyclist has a community of riders in an uproar about road safety. They're also demanding that the driver be charged criminally.

"We're proposing a safe passing ordinance,” said Robert Rose, a College Station bike shop owner.

Tuesday, Rose asked a College Station committee to consider making some changes when it comes to road safety.

"The safe passing ordinance in Houston allows for cyclists to expect a three-foot passing distance when they are passed by a normal vehicle and six feet passing distance for a commercial vehicle. It also requires drivers to move over to the opposite lane if possible when passing a cyclist,” said Rose.

That is just one of about four proposals Rose and several local cyclists created at a meeting earlier this month to address safety concerns after the passing of fellow rider Kenneth Spence.

Spence was hit from behind while riding along Highway 6 in South Brazos County. The driver told authorities he didn't see Spence because of the sun. Troopers say the case is still under investigation, but Rose and others want to make sure the driver is held responsible.

Tuesday, a letter and petition were delivered to the Brazos County District Attorney's office asking for prosecution of the driver and for harsher punishments for drivers who hit cyclists.

"Unless the motorist is under the influence or intoxicated, or leaves the scene of the accident, there is very little that happens to the motorist if they kill a cyclist. There is almost no repercussion,” said Rose.

DPS says it’s still waiting for some information and an autopsy in the Spence case. So far, no charges have been filed with the district attorney's office.