Local districts brace for first round of STAAR testing

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - Charles Camarillo is cautiously optimistic.

For the Somerville ISD superintendent, a lot hinges on the latest round of STAAR testing.

"We're glad we're finally at this point," Camarillo said. "There's been a lot of preparation to get here."

Camarillo's district has not met TEA accountability standards for the last three years. It risks losing its accreditation if it fails again this year.

However, Camarillo says local assessments are pointing towards a positive trend.

"Local assessments and benchmarks and talking with the kids individually have looked good," Camarillo said.

At Snook ISD, the district's fortunes have markedly improved following the loss of its accreditation in 2015.

The district made significant strides during the last round of testing and is aiming for further improvement this year.

Superintendent Brenda Krchnak said a change in culture has done wonders for the district.

"Our momentum is good. Last year was the first year we met standard for the first time in awhile," Krchnak said.

Krchnak said that confidence is high among staff and students.

"Its no longer this cliff that we're about to fall off of. Instead its just a nice hurdle that we're able to get over and move forward," Krchnak said.

The fourth and seventh grade writing tests, along with the English 1 end of course exam will be administered tomorrow.

The reading exam will be administered to fifth and eighth graders on Wednesday. Testing will wrap up Thursday with the end of course exam for English 2 students.