Local doctor on FDA's chemical sunscreen concerns

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning sunscreen users that the chemicals found in most sunscreen products are absorbed into the bloodstream and researchers aren't yet sure if that's harmful to your health.

The FDA will decide in November whether these common chemical-based sunscreen products are safe enough to be sold. Until then, however, a local physician says the important thing is to use sunscreen at all, and put it on your kids, too.

"If you are applying sunscreen to your kids, if you're going to go out to the sun and you only have these chemical sunscreens, I'd recommend using them at this point," said Dr. Anne Marie Eschberger from Baylor Scott & White Health.

But Dr. Eschberger also says families might want to consider switching to mineral-based sunscreen next time they're stocking up at the store. She and the FDA say that's widely considered to be a less risky option.

"Look for products that say 'zinc oxide' or 'titanium dioxide,'" said Dr. Eschberger.

You can see the full conversation in the video player above.