Local doctors speak on distracted driving problems

Published: Jan. 28, 2019 at 5:59 PM CST
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With people hitting the roads and getting ready for the Super Bowl this weekend, the chances for an accident increase. A local app creator is hoping people remember to ditch the phone while driving and pay attention to the road.

If you take a look to your left or right while in the car, chances are you'll see someone glancing down at their phone.

"Your eyes are off the road for about five seconds whenever reading or responding to a text message," said Natalie De La Cruz with Safe 2 Save.

Safe 2 Save is a local app designed to reward users for driving safely. It awards points for every minute you don't touch your phone while in the driver's seat.

"One of our huge mottos here is one life lost due to distracted driving is one too many," De La Cruz said.

Trauma doctors in hospitals see the impacts of these accidents if the drivers make it out alive.

"Most of these accidents can be prevented," said the Emergency Department Director at Baylor Scott & White, Dr. Matthew Curnutte.

Dr. Curnutte is an emergency physician. He says most patients coming in from using their phone are young adults.

"You're talking about a death every two and a half hours in the state of Texas, a major injury every two minutes.: Dr. Curnutte continues. “And with 20 percent of that being related to distracted driving, that's a huge chunk of the problem."

Apps like Safe 2 Save are reminding you that if you're going to drive, park your phone.

If you download the Safe 2 Save app, you will get an automatic 500 points by using the code ‘Super Bowl’. You can redeem those points at local businesses.