Local experts participate in panel to discuss coronavirus facts

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - As more information continues to come out about coronavirus, local experts are sharing what they know so far about the virus.

Monday pandemic experts from the Bush School of Government and Public Services hosted a panel discussion about the topic. One of the big takeaways was details on those who've already tested positive and who is more likely to get it.

During the discussion Christ Blackburn, Deputy Director of the Pandemic Biosecurity Program, gave a breakdown of coronavirus deaths.

“The situation is ongoing. We don’t have all of the details but this is what we know at this moment in time,” said Blackburn.

Blackburn says they’re seeing more deaths worldwide in people 60 and older and in young patients ten and older.

“There were 20 children that died last week in the United State from the flu, so keep that in perspective,” said Blackburn. “Keep practicing all the precautions for the coronavirus, which will also protect you from the flu.”

There have been a total of six deaths in the U.S so far.

Gerald Parker, Director of the Pandemic Biosecurity Program, says now is the time for businesses, universities, and schools to think about a plan in case it becomes a pandemic.

“What does it mean for social distancing? What do we have to do for people to stay home? What if we have to deliver our classrooms virtually instead of in person?” said Parker. “Hopefully we don’t have to do any of those things but we need to be ready in case we do.”

Patients have been both men and women. Experts also say people who have pre-existing medical conditions are more prone to get the coronavirus, just like they're more prone to get the flu.

You can watch the full panel discussion by clicking here