Child advocacy, faith-based groups work together for children in foster care

Published: Jan. 15, 2019 at 10:13 PM CST
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Child Protective Services officials say the state is in a foster care crisis.

On Tuesday, leaders from local child welfare agencies and faith-based groups came together to talk about what children in the Brazos Valley need.

"We're trying to tag team what's in the best interest of the kids,” said A.J. Renold, Executive Director of Voices for Children.

Renold called the meeting to talk about the state's faith-based model. It's one where community agencies provide care for children, instead of the state.

The model being tested in other parts of Texas. The men and women at the meeting say they want to be ready in case the state lets them implement the program here.

"The idea is, how can we create a network to make sure that we are tailoring our services to the needs of the family and keeping the kids here," said Renold.

Renold says 80% of kids living here in foster care are not even from the Brazos Valley. That means when local children enter the system, they could be sent elsewhere.

"It's unfortunate that the need is as great as it is but if there are any other agencies that are overwhelmed or not able or have plans to do things any differently. We're glad to stand in to help,” said James Inmon of Still Creek Ranch, a Christian school, and rescue program.

Voices for Children hopes to continue working with this new network and educating the public on how we all can help take care of these children.