Local funeral homes taking extra precautions amid COVID-19 deaths

Published: Apr. 3, 2020 at 9:45 PM CDT
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While COVID-19 deaths continue to rise in Brazos County, local funeral homes are having to take extra precautions, not just with families, but also with staff.

Professionals at Callaway Jones Funeral Home have changed the way they do business as they handle Brazos County's five COVID-19 deaths. They're limiting how many people attend services and constantly sanitizing surfaces.

Funeral homes are also offering digital services.

"All of our services are able to be streamed. Even graveside services can be recorded and streamed," said Glenn Duhon, Locations Manager for Hillier Funeral Home.

Duhon says it's still not known if COVID-19 can spread after death.

"Regardless, if we know if there's coronavirus or not, if there is a possibility, we do have special suits and gear that we dress in," said Duhon.

Agustin Trevino, owner of Trevino-Smith Funeral Home says in this business they've always had to take precautions.

"Whether they pass of heart disease or diabetes, because we just don't know what kind of disease they might have had, as well as what they passed away from," said Trevino.

Duhon says the Travis County Medical Examiner won't accept COVID-19 patients.

"They remain here in Brazos County and go to the funeral home of the family's choice," said Duhon.

Duhon says if numbers start to rise, they're hopeful Brazos County will have enough space.

"Our hospital morgues are quite small in this town but with all the funeral homes involved, we do have quite ample space," said Duhon.