Local group hosts beer fundraiser for breastfeeding station donation

Dozens came out to support the Brazos Valley Breast Feeding Coalition on Friday night at Blackwater Draw.

Organizers said their special pint glasses sold out in the first 30 minutes.

"I see proof that we are reaching women, we are reaching families, we're reach homes and women are not ashamed to come out. We've had as many men here I think as women and I think that's awesome because it takes a community to support women," said Shannon Sanford.

The group plans to hold more fundraising events like this in the future.


Breastfeeding and beer are two words not often spoken together. But Friday a local group is hoping beer lovers will help mothers in the Brazos Valley.

For a $10 donation, Friday at Black Water Draw in College Station, you can get a limited production glass that reads ‘Bottoms up, Boobs out, Drink local’.

The fundraiser, which will give you a free pint of Ole St. Nipplaus beer, is being put on by the Brazos Valley Breast Feeding Coalition.

"Your first fill up is free,” said Shannon Sanford, a Lactation Consultant and the president of the Brazos Valley Breastfeeding Coalition.

Sanford's team is looking for more than just a good time. They're trying to raise $25,000 to help local mothers who want to breastfeed during sporting events.

"We have a higher than average breastfeeding rate in the Brazos Valley,” said Sandford.

At least once a month Sanford says she hears from mothers who say they have a hard time finding a place to breastfeed at different sporting venues around town.

"They tell me they feel like they need to leave and go to their car to be in private. Or they don’t want to prepare their babies meal in the bathroom," said Sanford.

One of those places she’s heard about is Kyle Field.

The university stadium does have a designated area. According to Game Operations and Facilities, there is a room located on the first floor on the west side of the stadium dedicated to breastfeeding. Ushers are instructed to escort the mother to the area if needed.

Regardless, Sanford says she wants to donate a privacy station to the university.

"We see them all across the state and the nation right now,” said Sanford. “They are in airports and universities and other stadiums and hospitals. If I can help one woman enjoy breastfeeding and continue to go about her daily life and enjoy the hobbies that she wants to enjoy. I think that is priceless."

That event is Friday night at the Northgate black water draw location from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.