Local gun shop responds to Walmart policy change for ammo sales

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- Tuesday, Walmart announced it will no longer sell certain types of ammunition at its 4,700 stores nationwide.

Walmart accounts for more than 20% of ammunition sales, but that will drop to about 6% to 9%.

This decision came after multiple mass shootings in the last month, including one at its El Paso location.

"There are other outlets they can buy them through. Other avenues they can explore, online or other local businesses, it’s not like Walmart is the only ones who sell those,” said Burdett & Son’s manager Barry Burdett.

Burdett believes that this move by Walmart is its way of taking action against what some people see as a rise in gun violence.

"They’re trying to not support firearms that are semi-automatic or have been seen used over and over again in the shootings or the tragedies we have seen in our nation," said Burdett.

Walmart says it will not restock ammunition such as 5.56 and .223, commonly used in guns like an AR-15, once they sell out. They are also no longer going to sell handgun ammunition.

The company is also discontinuing selling handguns in Alaska, the only state they sell handguns in.

Burdett believes taking the ammo out of the hands of law-abiding citizens only hurts those who follow the law.

"We’ve debated for a long time now how to try to combat issues we have in society now and it's a difficult one to handle,” said Burdett, “And we haven't got a lot of ideas that are really solid that are going to handle the issue.”

Walmart is also requesting customers do not open carry handguns in their stores, even in states where it is legal.