Local gymnast claims victory with luck on her side

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - Skill, precision and determination. All things needed for success in gymnastics.

Well, that, and a little good fortune.

Taytum Young has been training at Powersports Gymnastics in College Station since she was six, so it was nothing out of the ordinary when she and her mom stopped for lunch before practice last Monday.

"We had just got done eating and we got those little fortune cookies and we all just opened them up and mine happened to say that gold is in your future," Young said.

It was a good sign, especially with an important meet that weekend.

Julian Gomez, her coach, said that he and Young joked about the fortune.

"She was like hey wouldn't it be cool if I won a gold medal," Gomez said. "We laughed about it but of course we didn't put too much stock in a fortune cookie."

Maybe that fortune cookie was right after all. Young had an impressive display at her meet, winning the all-around title for her age group.

"It didn't don on me at first, but after about 10 minutes, I remembered the fortune," Young said. "Now I keep it in my grip bag at all times."

Young hopes to keep that success and good fortune going next month when she participates in the regional championship meet in New Mexico.