Local man struggling on the streets is now using his musical talents at area hotel

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) A local man down on his luck is getting a second chance thanks to the La Salle Hotel.

On a hot summer day recently in downtown Bryan, Michael Green strolled into the hotel looking for relief.

"I had no place to go. I pretty much lost everything I had," Green said.

Green has been struggling to find a job and a place to live. With little to his name, he tried to get a room for the night.

"When Michael first came in here he looked like he just came off the beach after two weeks. He had some shorts on, flip flops, hair in a little ponytail. He looked like he'd been out in the weather for a little bit. To bite his time and cool down in the air conditioning for a while, he sat down at the piano and just started playing," said one of the hotel employees, Bill Allen.

To everyone's surprise, Green started performing songs on the piano, impressing everyone including the staff.

"When Michael sat down to play, everybody was just blown away. At that point, the wheels started turning, light bulbs started going off, like "'how do we get this guy to stay? Oh wait, he needs a place to stay!'" Allen said.

The hotel management was actually looking to hire a pianist to perform at the time so they hired him on the spot and even offered him a room to stay in.

"I was so surprised from one day to the next that this could happen; going from a tent and having no place to live, to getting a job here and basically living here," Green said.

"We took him over to the Hudson barbershop here in downtown Bryan, got him fixed up. Then he and I spent a day going shopping and bought some nice clothes for him," Allen said.

Green now performs, lives and works at the Le Salle, not just on the piano, but around the hotel doing work where it's needed, be it in the kitchen, lobby or right where he feels at home: on the piano.

Green will be performing Wednesday, July, 31 at the hotel at 7:00 p.m. and again on First Friday on August 2.