Local hotel staff receives sex trafficking prevention training

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - Local hotels received training on how to prevent sex trafficking on Thursday.

The Brazos Valley Lodging Association hosted the training in conjunction with the Texas Hotel and Lodging Association at the Courtyard Marriott in College Station.

Several hotel managers from the area attended the training to know what to teach their staff in case it's happening in their hotel. The seminar taught hotel staff how to look for sex trafficking signs, approach these guests, and who to call.

According to the Texas Hotel and Lodging Association's Carolyn McCall-Squires, there are many indicators that staff can look for. A few of these indicators include very few personal items, a child acting like an adult, and avoiding eye contact.

"It is a common problem that all tiers of hotels have," said Vice President of the Brazos Valley Lodging Association Noel Mayes. "Unfortunately, it's a silent crime. It's literally modern-day slavery, and the women don't know they have the power to escape."

Manager of the Courtyard Marriott Karen Carroll said it's extremely important for her staff to know the correct signs.

"It's important, because they're the ones that are going to be faced with the people checking in, and for them to be aware that they can stop it right then and there is important," said Carroll.

Business Ending Slavery & Trafficking, or BEST, put together the training that was used today.