Local man sentenced to 26 years following multiple domestic violence convictions

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- Nicholas Johnson, 32, was sentenced by Judge Kyle Hawthorne to 26 years in prison for threatening to kill his girlfriend with a knife.

Johnson’s sentence carries an affirmative finding of a deadly weapon, meaning that Johnson will have to serve half his sentence before becoming eligible for parole.

Johnson was convicted by a jury in October of the charge and requested that sentencing be reset until a Pre-sentence Investigation Report could be completed by the probation department.

On March 12, 2018, College Station Police responded after a witness reported hearing the defendant threatening to kill his girlfriend. The witness also reported that they could hear noise from the apartment indicating someone was being assaulted, and could hear a female
crying in the background.

The witness told 911 they feared that the defendant would kill the woman if police did not respond. When police arrived, they found the victim crying and shaking from the assault.

The victim reported that the defendant accused her of cheating on him and threatened her with a\ knife. Police found the knife used in the assault.

During the punishment phase of trial, Judge Hawthorne heard evidence that the defendant had previously been convicted twice of assaulting his ex-wife, including an assault that resulted in her losing consciousness due to the severity of her injuries.

After one of these assaults, the defendant was arrested and taken to the Brazos County Jail and an emergency protective order was placed on him.

Within hours of posting bond, the defendant returned to his ex-wife’s home and attempted to break in the house. The defendant served time in prison for one of those assaults.

Judge Hawthorne also heard evidence that in the months between the jury’s verdict and punishment hearing, the defendant made attempts to reach out to a witness to persuade the witness change her testimony.

Finally, the court heard from the probation department about the results of their PreSentence Investigation Report.

A probation officer testified that during her interview with the defendant, he blamed his victims, minimized his behavior, and refused to accept any responsibility for his crimes.

“Repeated abuse against multiple victims is an all too common trait of domestic violence abusers and will result in aggressive prosecution until it can be stopped, said Jessica Escue and Amy Eades, Assistant District Attorneys