Local mom speaks out about protocols for crying kids at school

CALDWELL, Tex. (KBTX)- A local mother is speaking out about her concerns with the way her child has been treated at preschool.

Caldwell resident Shyanne Seales’ four-year-old son Ryder has been attending First Baptist Church of Caldwell School since last fall. But this week, it was brought to her attention that her son had been put in a closet while at school.

"My son told me that he was completely in the closet and the door was shut and they put a trashcan in there because he was crying and puking because he was crying so much,” says Seale.

Since finding out this information, Seale pulled her child from the school. She says she spoke with the school administration who say they do this when a child’s actions are distracting the rest of the class.

"I asked both of them what they would do if their child had been put in that situation and one lady didn't answer and the other one said she would be okay with it and I’m not okay with that,” Seale says.

Pastor Steve Johnson has been at First Baptist Church of Caldwell for over 25 years and says they have never had problems like this before.
Pastor Johnson says this is the last resort when a child is extremely upset and needs help calming down.

"There is a room just off of the preschool room. It could be called a closet. It is a large room like large enough for pallets to be stored in it, well lit. Sometimes the student will be placed in that room just as a quiet place. The door is never shut period,” Pastor Johnson says.

Pastor Johnson says Wednesday night, changes were made.

"The doors open from the inside you can’t lock a child in any room of the building but just as a precaution to reassure the parents we just took the doors off,” says Pastor Johnson.

But Seale says, either way, door on, door off, closed, or cracked, she doesn't want her or any child in there.

"It’s not right it’s not acceptable and I don't think their school should condone that,” Seale says.

A police report was filed by Seale; however, the Caldwell Police Department says that while investigating the situation, they found no criminal misconduct.