Local police departments warn to follow shelter-in-place order

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 4:07 PM CDT
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Law enforcement is warning residents to abide by the new shelter in place guidelines for COVID-19.

Area agencies tell KBTX they are still seeing people out and about not following the temporary rules.

Bryan and College Station Police says they want people to take this shelter in place serious. On Wednesday CSPD had 10 to 15 complaints of people violating the order. BPD said they've had had eight or so calls with questions or reporting violations.

Residents are asked to avoid unnecessary trips or being out in public.

The streets are less busy around Bryan/College Station with shelter in-place in effect to reduce the spread of COVID-19. On Thursday, most of the people we saw in neighborhoods were exercising. They included Katy Adams and her 7-year-old Jaxon of Bryan.

Exercising is ok, but Katy is taking the other shelter in place rules seriously.

“Even though if you’re not concerned for yourself be concerned for others and just stay home if you can. My husband and I are working from home right now so we’re trying to abide by those rules as well," said Katy.

Local police departments say you should be out only for essential needs or your work.

“We are one big community, one big family and if we don’t solve this together, it’s our problem together. So we are asking for voluntary compliance from everyone from the young to the old," said Officer Kelley McKethan with the Bryan Police Department. "Stay home. Don’t get out unless it’s absolutely necessary."

McKethan added they aren't pulling over vehicles without probable cause.

"We have to have a legal reason to stop you. We're not just randomly stopping you. If you have to go to the grocery store go to the grocery store. If you have to go to work, go to work but if you can avoid getting gout of your house, avoid getting out of your house," she said.

“We’re not pulling over cars just to check and see if you’re following the rules of the order," added Officer Tristen Lopez with the College Station Police Department. "Just know what is your purpose for being out? So be purpose-driven. If I’m going to leave my house what’s the reason for leaving?"

The Adams Family hope life gets back to normal soon.

“I want the virus to be dead already," said Jaxon.

Katy said her family also has only one adult going to the grocery store to limit exposure to other people.

"Whatever you can do to keep each other safe, the quicker you do that I think the quicker we’ll be able to go about normal life," Katy said.

Just a reminder this shelter in place is mandatory. If you don’t follow it you face a misdemeanor crime.