Local police discuss school zone safety

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- School is almost back in session, meaning school zone speed limits will begin being enforced by local authorities.

"So be aware that as schools start for the new year, we may have gotten used to the school zones not being in place over the summer,” said College Station Police Officer Tristen Lopez, “So give yourself extra time in the mornings to make your morning commute."

Especially near the corner of Holleman Dr. S and Rock Prairie Rd., where River Bend Elementary will open its doors for the first time on Thursday.

Officer Lopez says when school starts, patrols around the area will pick up.

"Our traffic unit will be working the school zones as will patrol officers as they have the time available,” said Officer Lopez, “And they will be strictly enforcing the school zones, and citations will be issued for violating those school zones."

Police say breaking the speed limit in a school zone while the lights are flashing can end in a pretty expensive ticket, as a way to divert drivers from speeding.

"It’s going to slow things down remember to slow down in the area pay attention to those signs they are new remember it’s all about the safety of our children," said Officer Lopez.

Police say it is also against the law to even have your phone in your hand while driving in school zones.