Local police spread abduction prevention safety awareness

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- A social media post circling in our community grabbed the attention of concerned parents.

Last week, College Station Police were called out to the Edelweiss neighborhood.

An 11-year-old reported a passing car stopped and three men jumped out and ran toward her.

After an investigation, officers determined it was all a misunderstanding but something they want caregivers and children to learn from.

Assistant Chief of Police Chuck Fleeger says the child did exactly what they should have and that was to tell an adult and to contact police.

“We’d much rather come out, look into something and determine there was nothing nefarious about it,” said Fleeger.

Fleeger says incidents like this are the reason why abduction safety is important.

“Let them know, not necessarily scare them, but make them aware,” said Fleeger.

He believed the more kids know the better.

“Running away, fighting or causing a scene, contacting an adult if they have a cell phone or threatening to call the police,” said Fleeger.

You can find more information on abduction safety by clicking on the link in the related links section.