Local police warn of crime trend involving car parts

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Local police say they are tracking a crime trend involving the theft of catalytic converters from vehicles.

Bryan police say since January 15, they have had six reports of thefts.

College Station police say they had six reports of thefts just last weekend.

Local mechanic Lenko Arezina says this is a trend he has seen before. He believes people steal these parts because of what they are made of.

"Platinum is in there. Palladium is in there for sure. They are extremely precious metals and are very expensive for a very small amount," said Arezina.

Catalytic converters typically sit in the undercarriage of the vehicle and filter the exhaust that comes out of the car.

Police say thieves are sliding underneath cars and taking the converter off. Arezina says this can be done in nearly 30 seconds and you may not know you were a victim of the theft until you turn your vehicle on.

"If someone grabbed your converter from underneath your car and you were unaware of it, it would sound like a very loud race car," said Arezina.

Investigators say many of the thefts happened off Highway 6 and Texas Avenue, in well-lit parking lots.

Police suggest either welding the converter to the frame of your vehicle or etching your Vehicle Identification Number on to the converter.