Local students teach valuable life skills to underclassmen

Published: Oct. 21, 2019 at 10:36 PM CDT
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Bryan Collegiate High School has a unique way of creating positive school culture among its students.

BCHS created a “family” program that helps students learn how to cope with everything life may throw at them. Each year, every incoming freshman is grouped into a family and every family has an upperclassman leader.

Senior Melanie Sanchez and junior Evelyn Carreno are leaders of their families this year.

"I wanted to inspire and to help students with problems I related to, that I went through and I had to go through,” said Sanchez.

Every Monday the leaders come together to practice the lesson they’ve created and will teach their families that following Friday. Each lesson is designed to help the students in and out of the classroom.

"Positive relationships or like effective communication, or bullying or mental health, those are really important,” said Sanchez.

Carreno says they even talk about topics like suicide prevention.

"We learn how to be adults at a younger age and we get to experience some of the things that nobody would ever talk to us about,” said Carreno.

Carreno says the family setting is important because it gives students a safe space to share their feelings.

“For us to be able to talk to someone that can relate makes a big difference,” said Carreno “We can’t just go home and talk to our parents because they didn’t go through what we’re going through, and just having that support from one another.”

This week’s lesson is about how to deal with stress. Family leaders will be teaching their family members tools that can help them when things get a little tough.

"Just being able to talk about the smallest things stressing us, all the way to big things at home is what helps us just get through us and we help each other get through it,” said Carreno.