Local students using flash mobs to help raise money for classroom iPads

Published: Dec. 16, 2019 at 9:40 PM CST
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If you were at Central Park Saturday night in College Station, chances are you saw a group of Bryan ISD students doing a flash mob.

Those students are in Fabi Payton's 6th-grade math classes, and they're hoping their surprise performance goes viral online.

As a teacher at Sam Rayburn Intermediate School, she knows every kid is different and some struggle more than others, especially those who have learning disabilities like dyslexia.

That's why she wants a set of new iPads for each of her students. She knows there are several programs and apps that exist that could help those students, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

"Obviously, our school district wants us to have anything and everything for our kids, but funds are limited. We can't just get everything we want," said Payton.

After showing her classes how the technology could help them, the kids took it upon themselves to put together a flash mob routine. Their hope is videos of the performances will go viral online, and that will attract potential donors to their cause.

"If we have people sending us money, we can buy those iPads," said Tyler Benavidez.

"It's also been fun to do all this together. It's like we're making a family and getting really close to our classmates," said Avery Archer.

An anonymous donor has already sent in $1,000 for the new gadgets but they still need about $10,000 more in order to get all 28 iPads necessary.

If you'd like to donate


The kids have already performed their flash mobs inside the school's cafeteria and at Central Park in College Station. They're already planning another one, with a different routine, for after the holiday break.