Local veteran shares COVID-19 diagnosis and recovery

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) -- There are 12 recovered cases of COVID-19 in Brazos County, and health officials are hopeful more people will come out of this OK.

One local veteran is happy to say he’s one of the 12.

John and Gerry Hince are familiar faces in the Brazos Valley. They're active members with American Legion Post 159 and veterans themselves. But COVID-19 was one battle they weren't prepared to fight.

"It's the unknown, and we're still facing that today. There is so much unknown about what we're doing," John Hince said.

John and Gerry traveled to Washington D.C. on March 7 and flew home four days later. Three days after that, John had symptoms and went to the doctor.

"Made me meet the nurse in a parking lot and gave me a mask, and they took me up to the office, told me not to touch anything," John said.

John tested positive for COVID-19. Doctors told him to self-isolate for 14 days.

"He has terrible taste in TV,” Gerry Hince joked.

The couple can laugh about it now, but for two weeks, John had a constant fever, couldn't eat anything, and all he wanted to do was sleep.

Overall, John considers himself lucky.

"I feel very fortunate, I feel blessed, really. There are a lot of people who have tested positive and had some serious issues. I feel like I dodged a bullet. The good Lord cut me a break here," John said.

Now Gerry is in quarantine, but they’re both confident they will come out of this stronger than before.

"I think because we've been married so long, you realize there are things you have to do to get through. We've been through cancer and a couple limbs being replaced. We'll make it through this one, and hopefully everybody will," Gerry said.

Gerry is one week into her quarantine and isn’t showing any symptoms of COVID-19.