Local woman shares story of attempted midday break-in at her home

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- A local woman is speaking out after two men attempted to break into her home off of Rosemary Drive in Bryan.

Patsy Boedeker says she has lived in her tucked away home for 46 years and has always felt safe, but earlier this week, two men showed up to her house and one of them knocked on the front door.

"My son works nights and he sleeps in the daytime,” said Boedeker, “and he heard somebody knock on the front door, and he came down and looked through the peephole.”

Boedeker says that’s when one man walked around her home and tried to get in through the back door, thinking nobody was home.

"Well they hit the door real hard, and I’m guessing kicking it in,” said Boedeker, “Its real heavy metal door that would be very hard to break in to"

As soon as the saw her son, Boedeker says both men ran away.

Just an hour later, police arrested 19-year-old College Station residents Kameron Holley and Jervonta Neal. Police say Holley was also arrested for Evading Arrest.

Now, Boedeker says police are suggesting she looks into adding more security to her home.

"They wanted me to consider getting a security system and then adding some cameras in the back for sure in the backyard area,” said Boedeker, “Well just for the safety hoping it will keep people away that don't need to be here.”

Both men were booked into the Brazos County Jail.