Weight Watchers launches low calorie white wine

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In trending news this morning, Weight Watchers launches a new low-calorie wine. Also trending, Sony introduces a new version of it's robot dog and video captures a man solving a Rubik's cube in record time.

First up, Weight Watchers is toasting to a new extension of its brand with a Low calorie white wine! The diet company is releasing a Sauvignon Blanc called "Cense."

A five ounce glass contains about 85 calories compared to a typical 120. The vino is slightly lower in alcohol content too. A bottle sells for $15 on-line and $14 at Kroger's supermarkets.

Also trending, Sony is bringing back its robotic dog. The first version of 'Aibo' debuted in 1999. The company stopped making them in 2006 -- but it's back and the pet toy will respond to voice commands and can bark, sit and wag its tail.

The new version also comes equipped with a powerful new computer chip, updated displays for its eyes, and the ability to connect to mobile networks. Pre-orders for Aibo begin today but only for Japan. The hi-tech pup will cost you a little over $1,700. It is expected to go on sale in January.

Finally, Rubik's Cube guru Seungbeom Cho has bested the best.
The 18-year-old, who goes by "Steve," solved the infamously-puzzling puzzle cube in 4.59 seconds. If confirmed, that's a new world record.

Steve's time bests the previous record set in September by speed-cuber Patrick Ponce. Ponce beat the same 3x3-style cube in 4.69 seconds.