Lost phone returned by using Snapchat at Northgate bar

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - We’ve all misplaced items or even lost them out in public. Most times, they’re long gone.

But a Texas A&M student has a good Samaritan to thank for returning what she thought she would never see again. What was supposed to be a fun night on Northgate quickly turned into panic on the dance floor for a Texas A&M University sophomore.

“My phone flung out and I didn’t realize it until we got back to the table,” Brittany Keller said.

Keller and her friends were dancing at Shiner Park last weekend and she didn’t realize her phone was gone.

“It felt like a really long time. I think it was just because I freaked out. That was my first instinct that I lost my phone and I got really scared,” Keller said.

But her phone landed in the hands of Joseph Windham.

“I thought to myself, ‘I’ll probably just hand it to the DJ.’ But whenever I slid up the phone, because I thought it would be locked, I slid it up and said, ‘Oh my goodness.’ And it was right on her Snapchat,” Windham said.

He decided to have some fun. He posted pictures and videos to Keller’s Snapchat story asking her friends to help him find the owner of the phone. He even reached out to Keller’s mother.

“He texted her and was really formal and said, ‘Hi my name is Joe. I found your daughter’s phone and was wondering if there is any way I can get in contact',” Keller said.

Brittany eventually got her phone back, but not before Joseph was flooded with messages praising him for his efforts.

“They were like, ‘Oh you’re such a good guy for giving her phone back.’ But in my head I’m thinking, it’s just common courtesy to give something back that isn’t yours,” Windham said.

Windham isn’t an Aggie, but Keller says the Aggie tradition still seems to run through his veins.

“Aggies don’t lie, cheat, or steal so it’s nice to know that type of character is still taken and displayed off of campus as well,” Keller said.