Love Always: High school sweethearts celebrate 60 years

CALDWELL, Tex. (KBTX) - They may have been just a couple of teenagers when they met, but for Junior and Jane Ann Baron, age was nothing but a number. The Caldwell couple just celebrated 60 years of marriage on September 21, 2017.

When I sat down to meet with the Baron's at their home in Caldwell, they were picture perfect. Matching in their red shirts and donning their wedding rings.

"I was wearing a different shirt but Jane Ann told me I'd clash with her so I had to change," Junior said with a laugh.

After being together since they were teenagers, it's clear there's nothing these two can't share with each other.

"Before we started going steady, he was a sophomore and I was just a freshman. I was new to the school," said Jane Ann.

She may have been new; but the 14-year-old quickly caught the eye of 15-year-old Junior Baron.

"It's just a feeling you know," said Junior. "When you meet the one, you just know!"

What he quickly knew, was he had to impress her.

"We always had an assembly in the gym right before Christmas break and I had only been there a month so I didn't know who he was," remembers Jane Ann. "But this young man came up to me and gave me a gift. It was a bottle of bubble bath!"

"I chose that gift because my mother was a Stanley Home Products dealer at the time, and the bubble bath was free!" said Junior with a laugh.

They didn't start dating right away, Jane Ann said they started to get to know each other first before making things official. They were both busy with activities, she was in the band and was a twirler, while Junior made a name for himself playing basketball, baseball, football and running track. Jane Ann remembers he also had a bit of a reputation at the school.

"One day when we first started going steady the school principal asked me 'You're going with him!?'" she said.

His ability to make her laugh, along with his loving and giving personality eventually sold Jane Ann. He says it was her kindness towards everyone that had him proposing the summer after she graduated high school. They tied the knot while he was attending Allen Academy college on a basketball scholarship.

"We had our ups and downs just like couples do," Jane Ann said with a giggle. "But we always managed to get back together. We just always apologized to each other, because we knew we loved each other."

The Baron's say divorce was never even a thought for them. Their faith in God and ability to trust each other has guided them for the last 60 years.

"We just always worked things out," said Jane Ann.

When asked whether they pray for their relationship, they both loudly answered "Oh, yes!"

"We pray for each other especially now that we're getting older you know."

The pair leaned on their faith heavily in the last few decades especially. They lost two grandson's within a month of each other and say family and God was how they got through.

The foundation they continue to build everyday is strong because they respect one another's differences. Though Junior is more of a home body, Jane Ann likes to explore.

"Whenever I ask him if I can go somewhere he always says, 'You go on. Have a good time' and I think that has a lot to do with married people trusting each other. You have to have trust," expressed Jane Ann.

The pair said sticking with one another through the ups and downs has simply made life worth living.

"As you get older, you grow closer, and I think you just learn to love more," said Jane Ann. "He's my best friend."

"She's everything to me, you know? You don't get one without the other!" said Junior.

The Baron's have four children, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Though they're both retired, they do keep busy working at two separate funeral homes in Caldwell. She handles visitations and one and you can find Junior going to businesses around town, putting up fliers about upcoming funerals. Basically redefining the meaning of 'till death do us part'.