Lucky Charms to add new unicorn marshmallow

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In trending news this morning, a new marshmallow has been added to the Lucky Charms cereal, Chinese citizens celebrated the New Year with an impressive drone light show, and a dance team stuns travelers at a Florida airport.

First up, Lucky Charms is introducing a magical unicorn as the first new, permanent marshmallow in a decade. General Mills says the new marshmallow was inspired and created by the cereal's target consumers -- kids. The purple and blue mythical creature will replace the hour-glass marshmallow.

Also trending, a total of 300 illuminated drones put on a spectacular light show Tuesday night in Xi'an, China to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The fleet of synchronized drones, built with LED's, flew in formation transforming into various illustrations that included Chinese caricatures and other animations. The show's creator says the entire drone performance was controlled by a single computer.

Lastly, a middle school dance team from Tennessee was returning from winning a national championship in Orlando on Monday when Southwest Airlines ticket agents told them the only way to get on the plane was to perform for everyone waiting in the terminal.

To the delight of passengers watching, that's exactly what they did. On their Facebook page the team says that they won first place in Hip Hop, and second place in Pom at that UDA competition.