Madisonville police swear in 13-year-old honorary police detective

MADISONVILLE, Tex. (KBTX) Madisonville police on Thursday made the wish of a 13-year-old boy come true.

Caleb Valdez of Midway was diagnosed with cancer last year. Since then he has been through some obstacles, even overcoming life support.

Caleb says it was during that time, he spoke to God.

“God, he just told me he has plans for me for when I get older and stuff and that’s when I just woke up,” said Valdez.

Through it all Valdez has always had one dream and Thursday with the help of Madisonville Police Department and Make A Wish Foundation, that dream came true.

Madisonville police officers escorted Valdez to City Hall, where a surprise was waiting for him. When Valdez arrived he was greeted by police, city council, family and friends.

Valdez was then sworn in as an honorary police detective for the Madisonville Police Department.

“I’ve always wanted to be a police officer,” said Valdez.

Lori Weber with the Make A Wish Foundation made sure Valdez got exactly what he wished for.

“Caleb’s wish was actually to have a real police detective badge from Madisonville police department,” said Weber.

Valdez was beyond thrilled.

"This badge is the best badge, I've ever seen, it's gold because I had asked for a gold one because silver is really not my thing,” said Valdez.

Madisonville Police Department says it was an honor to give it to him.

“We made this Caleb’s day. I think if you talk to each and every one of them, they were very proud to be a part of this police department,” said Herbert Gilbert Madisonville chief of police.

If you would like to make a donation towards Caleb's cancer battle click on the link in the related links section.