Making healthier choices on Thanksgiving and beyond

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Thanksgiving kicks off a season of holiday parties and holiday feasts that can add up if you're trying to avoid high-calorie situations.

Taylor Leahy is a registered dietitian with Aramark at Baylor Scott & White Health. She joined First News at Four to play "Eat this, not that" with Thanksgiving and holiday food.

Eat this: Warmed apple juice, flavored sparkling water
Not that: Punches or high-calorie coffee beverages

Eat this: Sliver of pumpkin pie
Not that: Cookies, pastries

Eat this: Whole-grain tortilla chips with guacamole or Greek yogurt-based dips
Not that: Potato chips with cheesy or sour cream dips

Eat this: Cheese plate with goat cheese, pistachios, grapes
Not that: Cheese plate with salami, refined crackers

Eat this: Lightly salted popcorn
Not that: Cheese straws

Eat this: Sweet potatoes mashed with skim milk
Not that: Mashed potatoes with heavy cream, butter

Eat this: Oven-roasted turkey
Not that: Deep-fried turkey

Eat this: Cup of hot chocolate with dark chocolate and skim or almond milk
Not that: Egg nog

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