Local man finds 5-foot long snake in toilet

Published: Jan. 3, 2018 at 6:34 PM CST
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A local man came face to face with with a creepy critter in an unexpected place.

Ben Tedrick found an unusual visitor when he was renovating a house off Tabor Road.

"The cleaning lady was working on the bathroom. She looked over and saw a head peeking out of the toilet and that's when it got fun," said Tedrick.

He ended up coming face-to-face with a 5-foot long rat snake that had come up through the sewer line. He decided to wrestle it out of the toilet.

"He actually had enough strength to draw me back toward him. He could coil up and draw me in so I just kept pressure on it until he relaxed," said Tedrick.

Tedrick thinks the snake's goal was to find warmth and food.

"Rat snakes eat rats so they just come right out and come right in the house," said Tedrick.

Jerry Swoboda with Swoboda Pest & Termite Control said that was probably the case. He said rodents are a big issue during winter weather.

"This time of year they're looking for moisture and they're looking for warmth," said Swoboda.

He said homeowners should make sure there are no access points for them to get in.

"You want to look for cracks and opening gaps that are a half inch or bigger – once they can fit their nose in it. They can fit their whole body through it," said Swoboda.

They also try to go through where air conditioning units plug in.

They suggest stuffing copper wire in holes to prevent unexpected visitors.

Tedrick said even though his case was unusual, he thinks he may see his new visitor again.

"I released him down in the river bottom so he could go to hibernation and not come back to the house. He'll probably be back at the house – as long as the rats are there they'll come back," said Tedrick.

Swoboda said people should check for rodent droppings behind their fridge because that's where they go to get moisture.

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