Mayor Mooney to meet with Texas Comptroller in Austin

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - Mayor of College Station Karl Mooney was appointed by Governor Abbot to a committee of mayors that are set to meet with the state comptroller on Wednesday.

Mooney has been in Austin several times over the last week, meeting with local representatives during the legislative session.

On Tuesday, he joined more than 70 delegates from Bryan-College Station to lobby state lawmakers on issues that matter to the community. Those include bills they don't want, like a cap on property tax increases that local municipalities can implement on landowners.

Mayor Mooney says visiting those that represent our area and being able to follow up with them multiple times during the legislative session is great for the local community.

"The best thing is they listen," said Mooney. "Senator Schwertner, Representatives Raney and Kacal have been very hospitable."

Mooney says the lawmakers have told him that they enjoy hearing from constituents because there are so many bills to go through, they can't fully gauge the impact those bills will have on the people they serve unless they hear from local leaders.

Governor Abbot appreciates the perspective from local leaders too. That's why he appointed Mooney to a committee of mayors from across the state that will meet with the comptroller to discuss a variety of topics.

"This group is going to look at the dollars the state is bringing in and come up with some other possible revenue streams," explained Mooney. "We'll also to look at the bills and say okay what will this bill do, what kind of impact will it have and how can the stream of revenues we currently have be best used to address those needs."

For more on the work that Mayor Mooney has been doing during this legislative session, watch the interview above from Brazos Valley This Morning.