Mayor Mooney discusses tax increases in 2020 budget proposal

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - The City of College Station is wrapping up its review of the 2020 city budget proposal before final approval. The new budget is expected to raise property taxes for residents. College Station Mayor Karl Mooney appeared on Brazos Valley This Morning to talk about the new budget and an upcoming event.

Mooney calls it a very lengthy document but says he and his colleagues are poring over every detail.

"As we grow, meeting the needs of that continued growth is going to be a challenge for us," Mooney said. "We may have to take a look at some other ways that we can provide police service and some other things that we do in the city."

In the recent state legislative session, lawmakers decided to limit the amount that cities can raise property taxes. Mayor Mooney says the 2020 budget is the last time city leaders can raise taxes up to 8%. The suggested tax rate is 7.84% more than in the previous year.

"That doesn't mean we're going to do that but it's certainly one of the things that's a possibility," Mooney said. "Our point is that College Station has been right around $0.50 and lower for a number of years."

Additional funds will help the city deal with wastewater and pay for more officers and resources at the police department, among other things.

Mayor Mooney will speak directly to citizens during a Walk With The Mayor event on Sunday, August 18 at 4:00 p.m. The mayor and anyone interested in joining can meet at the Lincoln Recreation Center on Holleman Dr. and Eleanor St.