Mayor Mooney pushes to keep Brazos Co. members on Blinn Board

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BRAZOS COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX) - Blinn College is growing in the Brazos Valley and as it does, State Rep. John Raney is working to keep two seats for Brazos County on Blinn College's board. The rest are occupied by Washington County members.

Rep. Raney has filed a bill to make the Brazos County seats on the board permanent, instead of expiring this year.

College Station Mayor Karl Mooney has been closely following the bill's progress and appeared on Brazos Valley This Morning with an update.

"In the last couple decades, the Bryan campus has gained many more students. There's almost 14,000 students I believe at the campus here. That has created a little bit of problem because some folks feel without representation on the Blinn board their thoughts and concerns are represented as adequately as they might be," said Mayor Mooney.

See the video player above for more details.