Mayor Mooney talks ETJ, Northgate parking garage and OFO

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - It's easy to see the changes happening within the city of College Station, but on Thursday the city council will discuss whether to extend its jurisdiction beyond its borders.

Currently the city's extraterritorial jurisdiction or ETJ is 3.5 miles beyond the city limits. Now, they're considering extending it to a full 5 miles, which would reach into Grimes County.

Mayor Mooney believes this would be a positive thing for people living in those areas.

"If we didn't do the extension of the ETJ, substandard roads and structures could be built, and then if it becomes part of College Station proper later that could be a difficulty for folks living there, having to deal with the substandard infrastructure," said Mooney. "It would be a burden to the city and city's taxpayers because we would have to go in and make necessary repairs."

College Stations current ETJ extends into Burleson County already. This would be the city's first descent into Grimes County and if the proposal to extend is approved, the city will begin working on an agreement with Grimes County.

Another topic to be discussed at Thursday's city council meeting is the College Main Parking Garage in Northgate.

Mayor Mooney says the garage is not really a money maker for the city, due to so many students either choosing to walk or bike to Northgate. So, the city is looking to see if there are any interested parties in purchasing the property.

Mooney says it's a tricky property, because whoever does end up purchasing the site would still have to provide some sort of parking aspect on the property.

The city council is also expected to discuss further the regulations they will eventually put in place regarding OFO bikes as the company looks to bring thousands more to the city this fall.