Mayor Mooney talks road improvement projects, new stop signs around town

Updated intersections and additional sidewalks are just a couple of the road projects happening across College Station this summer. Mayor Karl Mooney stopped by BVTM to talk about the multiple road improvement projects.

Though they might be a headache to deal with this summer, Mayor Mooney says they're necessary for the growing city to keep the quality of life that residents have become accustomed.

Crews are continuing to improve the Arrington Road and Greens Prairie Road intersection, as well as the Barron Road and Capstone intersection. Progress is also being made on the Lakeway Drive extension.

Mooney says this is the right time of the year to be doing this type of construction.

"We've got 40,000 less students on the streets right now, we've got folks on vacation so this is the primary time to do this," said Mooney. "If you're one of those on vacation, watch out when you come back, because there might be a stop sign at a place that you used to drive right through!"

The city is adding 20-30 stop signs throughout town on roads that when originally built did not necessarily lead to well-traveled areas. One example is Alexandria Street which now leads to the popular Tower Point area.

Once school picks back up drivers will also need to pay attention to school zones. Mayor Mooney says the times are being extended to further improve student safety.

For a more detailed look at the projects, head to the city's website.