McDonald's to remove cheeseburger from Happy Meal options

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In trending news this morning, McDonald's is planning on removing a popular Happy Meal item from its menu, and a Houston man restores an iconic bike.

First up, McDonald's is getting a Happy Meal makeover. Cheeseburgers will be eliminated from the menu at the fast food chain by the year 2022. According to the company, though the menu will only read hamburger, customers can still order cheeseburgers.

This is all a part of the fast food giant's plans to go a healthier route with its menu. They're trying to lower calories from saturated fats and sugar and are adding other things like "down-sized fries," fruit, and a low-sugar chocolate milk.

Also trending, Houston resident Tom Brusselle bought the iconic bike from "Dumb and Dumber" that Lloyd and Harry use on their journey across the country.

The man says he decided to buy the bike after he spent an evening drinking and watching re-runs on HBO. The mini-bike enthusiast calls it the "holy grail" and he spent over a year restoring the bike, even studying screen grabs on the movie.

He's now looking to sell it and recently posted the bike on eBay for $3,500. He says he's gotten messages from a lot of comedians asking if it gets 70 miles per gallon or if he will take IOU's.