More people switching to LED lights for the holidays

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - When it comes to the holiday season, people can certainly spend a lot of money. In all that shopping, people live for a deal and look for ways to save money. Megan Brown with Bryan Texas Utilities said people can save by switching over to LED light bulbs when decorating for the holidays.

"If you're running them about 6 hours a day, LED's are going to be about 6 cents whereas incandescent lights are going to be about 42 cents per day. So, you're saving quite a bit," said Brown.

The LED lights are able to cut costs by saving energy. Brown said the lights don't waste energy. Older incandescent bulbs put off heat, which is wasteful. LEDs automatically make light and don't put off heat. She said more people are switching because LED's have become more affordable with newer technology.

For years, Brad Urbanczyk used regular incandescent lights at Christmas.

"It was just the traditional lights that you could buy at any of the stores around town," Urbanczyk said. He switched over to LED lights last year.

"They're prettier, I think. They're more efficient for electricity, they're brighter, and the ones the use don't break as easily," Urbanczyk explained.

Joshua Zapalac with EcoZapp Home Services said he is seeing more people make the switch because of those same reasons Urbanczyk listed.

"These [LED lights] don't break. They should last about seven years. They use very little electricity. No matter how many you do, you're not going to see more than a few dollar differences on your energy bill," said Zapalac.

Urbanczyk says he doesn't mind seeing a few dollars saved on his utility bill.

"Any little bit helps," said Urbancyzk.

BTU suggests you get a timer for your Christmas lights. You can save money by having them cut off in the middle of the night instead of having them on all night into the morning.