More than 200 participate in active shooter training at Blinn College

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Blinn College looked like a crime scene Wednesday, but it was part of a very realistic drill.

An emergency simulation brought hundreds of people together with a realistic active shooting scenario at the Bryan campus. It looked and sounded like the real thing. More than 20 different agencies were at Blinn, including the Texas Department of Public Safety, FBI and local police and firefighters.

Several command posts were also set up where leaders could coordinate and see what was happening inside buildings in real-time.

"We hope we never have to put it to use. But the world we're living in today says we must be prepared and that's the point of today if something were to occur," said Bryan Fire Chief Randy McGregor.

The Blinn College District Police Chief said they've been preparing for this event since November.

"We went through an active shooter event with a shooter that went through several of our buildings. We simulated victims being down, being shot and ems being able to come in and extract them and then taking down the threat," said Chief John Chancellor.

Samantha Johnson played the part of a wounded victim. She also directs the college's mental health counseling.

"We do work with students and we want to be able to help them in a time of need so we know what's going to happen on campus and how police are going to respond we can actively either run, hide, fight or respond to those that are injured," said Johnson.

"Some of the people that are here are fresh off El Paso. Some of the people that are here responded to Santa Fe. So we’ve got some people a lot of experience that want to come and share how it was done, how we can do it better and be prepared if something like this were to happen,” said Leighton Schubert, Blinn College Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs.

"Just knowing that the police are here and that they have this training is excellent because we depend on them for safety," Johnson said.

"I think it went really well. We did see some mistakes that we made. And so that's some things that we can take and work on we have it recorded on video cameras and so we'll review it," Chancellor said.

Responders ran through the drill this morning and again this afternoon. In all, about 200 first responders participated.