TRENDING: Mother bear and cubs make special delivery to a pizza joint

In today's top trending stories, a mother bear and two cubs were caught red pawed rifling through ingredients at Antonio's Real New York Pizza. There was a bit of a mess left behind of course, but after some repairs and tidying up, the business reopened.

Also trending, the next Pizza Hut pizza that arrives at your door should be hotter, up to fifteen degrees hotter. That's the promise the chain made on Tuesday when it announced a brand-new delivery system that will keep its pizza piping hot in transit. They will do this with a pouch made of high-tech insulation and a "re-engineered pizza box." A Pizza Hut spokesman says more than anything else, consumers want a hot pizza. The company said it has spent more than two years examining the "delivery ecosystem" including the pizza box, the pizza box pouch and delivery from the locations.

And, Lebron James wants to convince you self driving cars are safe and reliable. In a new Intel ad, the NBA player is reluctant to get into a chauffeur driven car that's missing the chauffeur. He's then ultimately fine in the autonomous car. Intel isn't producing the actual cars but it is making the chip components that make it run.