Mother of convicted capital murderer testifies during trial Friday

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - An East Texas man's life is in the hands of a Brazos County Jury.

The eighth day of William Hudson's capital murder trial continued Friday. He's convicted of two of the six murders that happened at a camp site in East Texas in 2015. Prosecutors say he killed the six people because he was upset they were out camping on land near his family's home that he thought he should have. The land had recently been sold by one of Hudson's relatives who owned it.

News 3's Clay Falls is live blogging from the courthouse.

William Hudson's mother was the defense's first and only witness Friday.

Crystal Hudson says her son began to change drastically in his behavior as a teenager. She also tried on several occasions to get mental health treatment for him and for his addiction to alcohol. She was emotional during some of her testimony.

The jury saw childhood photos of William and family.

Crystal testified her late husband, Mack, was a perfectionist, had lots of rules and had a reserved, but controlling personality.

She says her husband could be physically abusive. During some of their arguments, her son William would come to her assistance and her husband would also fight with him. She said one time when her husband and son were fighting, William was thrown to the ground and put into a choke hold by his dad.

Her husband died in 2014 after a short battle with cancer. He'd been an engineer with Union Pacific Railroad and was not home much when the kids were growing up.

Crystal Hudson also said there were good times when her son and husband would fish, go hunting and spend time outdoors together.

Hudson testified her son could be violent and she had to call law enforcement for help. She says William pushed her to the ground one time and once came into her bathroom with an ice pick when she was hiding from him and threw it near her feet. She says the ice pick bounced on the tile and landed in the toilet. She says he thought that was funny and said, "I couldn't do that again if I tried." She said he walked away and his anger died down. She also says he damaged a door in her house and fired a bullet into her living room entertainment cabinet, shattering the glass.

On November 13, 2015, Hudson says her son was acting erratically as she was leaving to go to Tyler for the weekend for a family gathering. She was trying to get away quickly, afraid of him, and got stopped by a state trooper. She told the trooper the situation with her son and asked if he wanted to help. He said no and gave her a ticket for speeding. That weekend while she was away was when the murders happened.

Lisa Tanner with the State Attorney General's Office also questioned her about being abused by her father. She had given Tanner a statement in 2016 that William had not been physically, mentally or sexually abused. Hudson told the court Friday she'd like to retract that statement, saying her husband Mack had been physically and emotionally abusive.

At the end of the testimony, she gave a statement to the courtroom saying how sorry she was for everything that happened. She told the victims she prays for them everyday and hopes they will do the same for her.

The trial will continue Monday. The state rested their case during the punishment phase on Thursday.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.