Mumford ISD ranked among top 26 districts in the nation

MUMFORD, Tex. (KBTX) - Last week Mumford ISD was awarded an A accreditation rating from the Texas Education Agency. Nationally the district has been recognized as a Blue Ribbon district twice in the last ten years.

District Superintendent Blayne Davis sat down with KBTX reporter Whitney Miller to talk about the secret to their success as a district.

“It boils down to our staff,” said Davis. “They work relentlessly to get these kids to achieve and succeed. The time they put in and the discipline and the structure they implement in their classrooms.”

Ann Smitherman teaches fourth and fifth graders. She ’s been teaching with Mumford for 18 years.

“Our student’s come in ready to learn,” said Smitherman. “They are willing to learn and they are willing to work to learn and that is key.”
On top of the staff’s longevity, Davis says his faculty and staff are consistent.

“Its things that they have tried,” he said. “It’s been trial and error and they have tailored the instruction for these kids to fit their needs.”
When it comes to fast-changing technology Mumford sticks to the basics.

“We may not have as much technology as some districts do, and we may utilize it a lot differently than other districts do but at the end of the day we are focused on the results,” said Davis.

And the results don’t come without challenges, a large number of the students are low on the socioeconomic scale but Davis credits teachers like Smitherman for not letting that get in the way of success.

“It’s just wonderful to see them be successful and they are so willing to be successful,” said Smitherman.

Mumford has a little more than 600 students and the superintendent says their success did not happen overnight it’s something they have been working at for many years.