Did you see them? Mysterious lights reported across Brazos Valley sky

A straight line of mysterious lights seen across the Brazos Valley sky on Tuesday were likely satellites launched by SpaceX. Image submitted by Chase Colwell.
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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- Did you see them?

Several KBTX viewers are reporting mysterious lights that appeared Tuesday night in the sky above the Brazos Valley. Many more others reported seeing the same thing on social media sites.

One viewer said it appeared to be "about 50 or so lights in the sky followed by three objects." Others described it as a string of lights across the southwest sky lined up in a straight line.

Chase Colwell of Bryan sent us a photo that shows exactly what witnesses described and based on that image it's very likely the lights are 60 Starlink satellites that were launched into orbit on Monday by Space X.

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If you have any photos or videos of the lights to submit to KBTX