NEW: Here's what the new videos tell us about Chester Jackson's Jr.'s case

Published: May. 29, 2019 at 11:41 PM CDT
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Nearly a dozen new body camera videos are giving us a better idea of what happened to a Somerville man during the 42-hour period he was in law enforcement custody last month.

The clips obtained through an open-records request by Chester Jackson, Jr.'s attorney, U.A. Lewis, still don't explain how or why he ended up in an Austin hospital on life support, but they do back up Burleson County's claim that the 30-year-old left the county jail in what appeared to be good physical condition.

to see all the new video clips that were released today related to the case.

The following is a timeline of events we've been able to piece together with the new videos:

Friday, April 19

A Burleson County deputy responds to Jackson's home near Somerville after his family calls for help.

Chester Jackson, Sr. says his son assaulted him but didn't want to press charges. Instead, the family makes a passionate plea to have him taken to a mental health facility in Houston instead of jail.

"He's sick. He needs help, and nobody wants to help him," said Eddie Lee Wilson.

The deputy told Jackson's parents that their son appeared to be high on PCP, and no facility would take him in that condition, so he agreed to arrest him only on a public intoxication charge.

"He's going to have to wear it off before he's evaluated," the deputy is heard saying before Jackson is transferred to the jail and booked in.

Saturday, April 20

After what appears on video to be fairly routine processing into the jail on Friday night, something happens around 3:30 a.m. that requires Jackson to be moved to another cell.

During this process, Jackson becomes visibly agitated and tries to resist several law enforcement officers. Eventually, he's placed into the cell and left alone to serve his one-day sentence for the public intoxication charge that was handed down by a Justice of the Peace.

Later on Saturday, his mother attempts to pick Jackson up at the jail after he's released, but she's greeted by jail staff who said her son was still a danger and would remain detained.

A member of the jail staff is heard on a camera saying Jackson appeared to still be high on PCP 24 hours after he was brought into the facility.

Shortly after that Jackson is again moved to a different cell and that's when he's seen on camera shackled and shoved by a Caldwell police officer who was there to assist with moving Jackson. Jackson is seen hitting his head on a toilet after he falls.

Sunday, April 21

Around noon Jackson is seen in the booking area of the jail standing and speaking with several law enforcement officers before he's released. He appears to be in good physical condition.

He's given a courtesy transport by two Burleson County deputies to Cross Creek Hospital in Austin, a psychiatric hospital. His roller-coaster behavior remains consistent with Friday night's arrest as deputies turn him over to the medical staff.

It takes a few moments, but the staff is able to convince him to cooperate and Jackson is eventually admitted into the facility. That's where the videos end.

Monday, April 22

This is the first time Jackson's family learns he's at St. David's in Austin where he remains in critical but improving condition, according to his attorney.

A news conference by Jackson's lawyer is now planned for Friday in Austin.