Names and Faces: Ann Ganter

Published: May. 2, 2019 at 10:58 AM CDT
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Ann Ganter helped start one of the most recognized businesses in Aggieland, the Dixie Chicken.

But her dedication to the community, education, and family is what really defines her.

"I taught first grade for most of my time in College Station and then I moved to Central Office," she said. "Dr. Jim Scales asked me to move to Central Office to start an education foundation. I said 'what a great idea!'. I left his office and thought. 'I have no idea what an education foundation is, but sure I'm going to do that'.

She did. Now the College Station ISD Education Foundation just turned 20 years old and has raised more than $1 Million.

But after years of teaching, one event changed her life.

"In 2009, my daughter had twins and they were in the NICU. I thought, 'I don't want to miss any of this', so I retired."

That didn't stop her from continuing to serve our community through Scotty's House and keeping her focus on children in need.

"I love what Scotty's House can do for the community, so I'm still there helping them fundraise and do what I can for the children in our community."

Now spends most of her time with her six grandchildren, but every once in a while you can still find her at the Chicken.

"My best friends now are parents of children I had in my first-grade class. One of the funny things, I was at the Chicken during a game day and I went up and got a beer and one of the girls said 'I can't believe I'm having a beer with my 1st-grade teacher!'"