Names and Faces: Bobby Kurten

Published: Nov. 1, 2018 at 8:32 AM CDT
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Bobby Kurten has deep roots in the Brazos Valley and an absolute passion for agriculture.

But if you don't know him personally you probably at least recognize his last name.

"The city of Kurten is named for my family," Kurten said. "Everybody says it's named for me, and I say no it was named before me. My great granddaddy came over here from Germany in 1850."

And it was all those years ago that the Kurten family began it's legacy of agriculture in the Brazos Valley.

Kurten now shares his passion with agriculture with the next generation.

"I have gone to elementary schools and talked to them about the cattle business. They'll have a cowboy day in some of those classes," he said. "That's more swinging a rope and cracking a whip more than anything else."

Bobby says the future of agriculture is bright if we keep embracing the latest technology.

"Here in the United States we have the most healthy, cheapest, most abundant food supply of any place in the world. Agriculture is what feeds us," he said.